Back Painting Glass

Thoughts on how to paint the back of a pane of glass. January 8, 2010

I need to back paint Starphire tempered glass. I am using a DuPont Spectrum color and I am having trouble getting the paint to adhere to the glass. Any ideas how to prep the glass for the paint? I need to be able to back paint and then adhere it to a cabinet wall panel.

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From contributor D:
Sand it first with automotive wet/dry silicon carbide sandpaper.

From contributor T:
People have been back-painting glass for over 200 years. Sign painters still letter and gild glass lites in doors routinely. The glass is not etched (when someone gets downsized, they need to change the occupant's name, so reversibility is needed). How have you cleaned the glass? Tempered should not be an issue since it's standard now. Hydrofluoric acid is used to etch glass. When you say "adhered" to a panel, I hope you mean mechanical fastening and not an adhesive applied to the back-painted surface. I'm not acquainted with the DuPont Spectrum; perhaps it wants a clear bonding sealer on the substrate.

From contributor U:
Is it not possible to spray the cabinet wall panel the color you like, and then attach the clear glass?