Backup and Restore Issues with CNC SRAM

Troubleshooting a combined hardware and data transfer issue in a CNC controller chipset. February 28, 2012

We turned the CNC on yesterday morning and received this error: Fanuc alarm: 5222 - SRAM CORRECTABLE ERROR. We pulled out the motherboard in the Fanuc 210i controller, and identified the SRAM module that we believe is responsible (see photo below). We received the new part and installed it.
We then re-assembled the machine and when we try to start the CNC Screen
Display Function, we receive this error: Cnc_allclibhndl2

Komo thinks that we need a new SRAM file, but amazingly, they don't have one, or any SRAM file for any Mach 2s 2002! I am hoping they find one. We are not positive, but we think that if we had the SRAM file for the machine or for a similar machine we could get it working. Needless to say, we are toast without our machine. Does anyone have any idea how we can proceed?

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From contributor G:
On the CNC control there is a small display showing what letter or number currently displayed. The message you are getting means blind handle. I believe I have SRAM for a Komo Mach2, however the are many other factors.

From the original questioner:

I made some progress on the machine. I put the old SRAM card back in, and noticed that there was a file on the old card that wasn't on the new card. I copied all the files off the old SRAM card and then put the new one in and loaded. I loaded all the ones with the same name as ones we had, and also the additional one we were missing.

Now it lets us past that point where is says "loading". However, when you exit that next screen, it says: System Label Check error: Clear All SRAM Module. This makes me think that it is indeed the SRAM files that we need. I believe the controller shows 6 after powering up and going through the sequence. Before I brought back the files from the old SRAM, it would go to 9.

From contributor H:
You have to backup all the data off the old SRAM using Fanuc's backup utility. This will include all the parameters for your machine. Then the new SRAM module is inserted and the data is restored to this new module. It cannot use any of the new data on the module as that could be from a different machine with different options. The new card should be blank if it is brand new. This can be a process and really should now use the data from another machine unless it is completely identical. The file copy I believe does not backup everything you need.

From contributor H:
The current error message you are getting of: SYSTEM LABEL CHECK ERROR:
CLEAR ALL SRAM MODULE is due to system software only being replaced by compatible system software. Otherwise, the first time the CNC is turned on after the system software is replaced the following screen will be displayed and the system will not be activated. In this case, perform memory all clear (by holding down the RESET and DELETE MDI keys then turning on the power) or reinstall the original system software.

For the 20i, all memory clear based on 7 and 9 are also effective. It is advisable to backup the old SRAM module using the Fanuc backup utility to a memory card. You can use this to restore from the memory card back to the SRAM module. I can compare the part numbers for you and tell you if you have (two) different sizes. Any new SRAM modules installed must be cleared and backup data restored to them or the CNC will not work.

A correct SRAM backup file would be SRAM????.FDB. The missing characters depend upon the size of the SRAM module you have. The data in this file would be a complete system parameter backup. Worst case is you have to rely on a printed copy and re-enter all the parameters manually and then save them to the new SRAM card.

From the original questioner:
Thanks so much for all the helpful comments. Fanuc came out yesterday and we were able to get the machine going after five hours or so. No hardware problems, but we had to get the correct FROM software, and do something with the CNC screen software to make it work. So if you do have a CNC with a Fanuc controller, you should be sure to back up your SRAM files, along with your parameters. In fact, it would be good to call the manufacture and ask them what they recommend to back up, since the SRAM isn't listed, at least on our machine.

Overall, KOMO and Fanuc were pretty responsive. We were frustrated that KOMO did not have the files we needed and couldn't seem to get them, but they did help us as much as they could. In hindsight, we probably should have called Fanuc directly right away. However, it seemed like something Komo would be able to fix at the time. Thanks again for all the help on this. It is a huge relief to be up and running again.