Basic differences, CNC vs. P2P

The basic capabilities of these two types of computer-driven woodworking machine are explained. January 3, 2001

What is the difference between a CNC system and a point to point system?

Forum Responses
A point to point (PTP) machine is simply a type of CNC machine. PTPs are generally used for drilling holes. Many have routers for doing dados, etc.

In the last few years, the thin line that separates a PTP from a router has become rather fuzzy. Many PTP machines are being built with a beefier construction to handle heavy routing applications. And likewise, you can get a drilling unit on just about every CNC router on the market.

We have a PTP and use it for a lot of routing operations, as it has 3 10hp router heads as well as all of the drilling heads. It depends on what you are looking for. If most of your operations are routing, then a router is the way to go. If most of your operations are drilling, then PTP is the way to go.