Basic spray equipment

Spray equipment suggestions for a beginner. January 24, 2001

I am a one-woman shop that will be spraying about ten pieces a year (chairs, tables, nothing big). I am looking at spraying the Enduro water based lacquer. I have a 6hp compressor and know absolutely nothing about spraying. Please tell about the equipment you like.

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We use an Austuro Eco for touch-up work. It is the best conversion cup type gun I have used. It is well engineered, simple and easy to clean.

Try a Binks mach 1 sl gun with a teflon-lined siphon cup. Try the 92 air cap for the size compressor you have. Get a good quality airline filter and you will be in good shape.

I spray with an Asturo Eco gun and you canít beat it. It has very low over spray and shoots water-base lacquer great. I used a 2hp, 20 gallon tank compressor that had no problems.

I also have the Asturo Eco conversion gun. It needs about 21 lbs. psi at about 7 cfm. Your compressor can definitely handle that.