Bead Board Panels: Make or Buy?

Bead-board paneling is not that hard to get, but you can also make your own. October 2, 2007

I have recently been getting requests for bead board backs on islands and finished ends. We stock 7 different woods, so it is a problem for me. Does anyone have a simple solution? I've been able to talk most into "v" groove, which I can make, but don't like steering them away from what they really want.

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From contributor L:
The LRH Magic Molder does a nice job in a tablesaw.

From the original questioner:
Thank you - looks like just what I need.

From contributor R:
We use the Magic Molder on a table saw, as well, with good results.

From contributor K:
We used to make ours also, but now most of our suppliers stock it in 4 x8 sheets. They also have it available in most common wood species, or if the order is big enough, you can have it milled out of the species you need.

From contributor J:
I looked at the Magic Moulder for bead board door panels. I just took two of my carbide tipped dado chippers and had my sharpen guy grind 45 degree points on them and grind to the same diameter. Use a 1/8" bushing between them and rock on. I use mine with power feeder all the time and looks great. Give it a try - cost me about 8.00.