Bee Propolis Wood Finish Formulas

Advice on mixing up an unusual recipe — varnish made with bee propolis resins. August 24, 2008

Does anyone have any info on formulating finishes from bee propolis? I have found one recipe that violin makers use and it is quite labor intensive. From what I know it’s considered a resin and acetone will dissolve it slowly.

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From contributor C:
1 oz - propolis
7 oz - acetonic isopropyl alcohol (anhydrous isopropyl)
1/2 oz. - ethyl ether

Not very good varnish, why and what would you be using it on? Violins? You'd be better off sticking to sandarac varnish, tempered with mastic and shellac with spike lavender oil or one of the fixed oil varnishes if you must. There's also a hybrid acrylic tung that performs better than any of the old recipes.

From contributor B:
What is the hybrid acrylic tung recipe or brand?

From contributor C:
Target’s Hybridvar 7001 is what I’m referring to. It is being used with great success on violins right now.

From the original questioner:
My wife keeps bees and so I have a steady supply of propolis. I was intending to use the finish on my furniture. I already use bees wax for a finish. 1 part wax 5 parts mineral oil, for surfaces like seats I add 1/2 a part of microcrystaline wax, apply the fish warm and buff out.