Best Ext ( Semi Transparent Stain ) For Weathered Mahogany


From original questioner:

I have a client that has high end solid mahogany patio furniture .
It is weathered to a gray color with some remains of a stain/finish . which is why they want it ( refinished ) to a brownish color .
I have used a solid stain ( not semi transparent ) on ext trim and doors with good results , but when dry it looks mat at best it also looks like a paint
the client wants a sheen and they want to see as much wood as possible .
I have told them the best corse is to only use an ext stain with no top coat ( clear finish )
the benefit is as the ext stain ages it will turn to a powder and all you have to do is to go over it with steel wool and reapply
and it looks new for another 5-10 years .
at this point all the furniture must be striped down to bare wood , sanded to 120 and stained hopefully they will except a semi trans stain . but my fear is they still want a sheen / clear finish .
I would like to hear from you , if you have any experience with ext furniture finishing
the stain and finish used and the expected life . thank you all

From contributor Ke

i use sherwood dye stain concentrate and their exterior polyurthane (F63FH3/F63FH2).
We did a miter-folded mahogany beam with this system for testing, and mounted it outside in south florida's harsh weather. It is still looking good (8 years and counting) with no roof protection. It is directly in sun/rain all day everyday.