Best Glue For Belt Sanding


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I'm using titebond original for laminate casework with a plywood substrate. When I belt sand the edges to prep for laminating, I'm finding that the glue squeeze-out is gumming up my belts almost immediately. The glue just melts into it and then it's worthless. I like this glue in all other respects, but I'm wondering if there's another glue that's not as prone to gumming up my belts.

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Titebond 1 will be better than 2 & 3. So don't waste your time trying those.

Try using a coarser grit belt to take a first cut at the glue. It should run cooler and won't clog as fast. Hopefully enough glue will be removed that your finer belt won't clog. Also remove as much glue as possible with a scraper before you sand.

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That's what I figured. I guess I just have to be diligent and wipe off the excess glue during clamp up. Thanks.

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The following glue is 2 apart resin based - it dries rock hard and it has excellent for sanding. Mainly using for veneering.

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There are some PVA wood glues that are engineered to sand better. Please see the link below.