Best Outsource Door Manufacturer ??


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We are a small-med size shop in the south east, and long ago made the decision to outsource door manufacturing / finishing. (We specialize in wood product)

Recently, our likewise small door manufacturer in the mid west went out of business and now we are scrambling to find another. I've been in contact with the "big 3" (conestoga, keystone and walz craft) and our market simply can't support that price point for finished components.

We need a company that makes doors / components - and finishes, and does so at a price point that allows us to make money.

For those of you who are in the same boat as us, Who do you use? What are you paying out the door for an average FINISHED mortise and tennon sq raised panel per sq? How about an average mitered sq raised panel per sq? How is the quality?

I welcome any and all suggestions!!


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Hi I use bayer interior woods check out their web site below

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Brian - you can try using the "Search" field at the upper right corner of most of the WOODWEB pages. Type in "Doors" in the search field, and from the "Search Entire Site" dropdown list, choose "Search Product Directory". This will give you a list of WOODWEB advertisers who may be able to supply what you need.

Hope this helps -

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Steve, thank you.. About where does their out the door finished price come in at median?

And thanks woodweb staff. There were two door manufacturers there other than keystone and walz.. I'll look into them.