Best Places To Recruit New Employees


From original questioner:

Where are most of you going to recruit. Newspaper, craigslist, websites??? What about employment service companies? They seem rather high but if you could get a better grade of employee it might be worth it. I have been doing this for years and haven't found a really good source.

From contributor to

Community colleges or trade schools? Guess that would depend on where your located.

From contributor La

I 2nd the community colleges and trade schools. News papers, recruiters & the state employment agencies are Way down the list. Have tried them all. I do post to Craig's list with some results.

From contributor Ja

That's an easy question. First do you want to train from scratch? Hire and train. Or better hire your competitors best workers.

From contributor Ji

It may not be where you are looking but rather how you are looking. What does you ad say? How explicit are you in writing about the job requirements, duties, pay? How explicit are you in what you desire of the potential hire to have in experience, vocabulary, math skills? Craigslist doesn't have an ad size limit. I find it easier to write in bullet points so it is easier to scan through.

I also am always looking for a potential new hire. Never hurts to have applications sitting in the file when you need them. I literally talk to almost everyone I meet about what kind of people I am looking for. Not that I am looking for the person who I am talking to but rather they might know or hear of someone.

PS: I have got some good people from Craigslist, Goodwill, and talking to people.

From contributor Bi

Most of our employees come on referrals from our current employees. If that pool is dry we use Craigslist. I like to hire people with mechanical aptitude and train them.

From contributor Ma

The employees training is very important step before recruit them. There are number of training institute especially for training of employees and professionals.