Best Saw Blade for Melamine?

Woodworkers recommend tablesaw blades for cutting melamine. June 16, 2010

I have a slider and a Unisaw and would like to get a good blade for cutting melamine with both.

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From contributor J:
The best cut is achieved with a hollow ground blade. All European blade manufacturers can supply them. They are more expensive to service because of the concave face of the tooth, and not everyone can service them correctly. Choose a negative hook blade for the Unisaw and a positive hook blade for the slider, if you are using a scoring blade.

The second best option is a HI-ATB, which is a negative hook alternate top bevel with a 30 or 35 degree top bevel. These are serviced by normal means. They do dull quicker because of the sharp corners of the top bevel. These are all negative hook. You may or may not choose to score on the slider.

From contributor D:
I use an F.S. brand 80t with a negative rake in the 10" sizes. I use one for all my plywood as well.

From contributor P:
Having good luck with the Freud Industrial ICE-coated high-ATB blades.

From contributor M:
I use a TCG for my slider. It is very long wearing and easy to sharpen, but you must use a scoring blade.

From the original questioner:
I can get a Forrest brand Duraline for melamine at a pretty good price. It is 12" and has a 30mm hole like my slider. It says it's for a table saw - should this make a difference?

From contributor R:
You will never go wrong with a Forrest blade. Also they will do any servicing and sharpening you need to keep the blade in top condition.

From contributor E:
I'm with contributor M on this one. TCG with a scoring blade. I use FS Tool blades and am quite happy with them.