Biesse Rover 30 Error: No Band Sensor Up

Maintenance advice for managing a minor problem with sensors on a CNC. July 29, 2012

I am receiving a ďNo Band Sensor Up (in55)Ē error. I would like to work this weekend and Biesse is closed. Does anyone know what this error is? Itís obviously a sensor not being turned on, just which one?

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From contributor D:
I have several Rovers and have had the "no band sensor" problem a few times. It relates to a sensor on the side of an air cylinder. It's one that usually lifts a curtain guard up and down or dust brush up and down around the tool change area.

Problems have been the plug to the sensor has just fallen of (I now cable tie all the cable and plugs to the cylinder) or something mechanical in relation to the above not allowing the cylinder to work properly and fully retract. Check that the air cylinders band sensors have the light on when fully retracted. At times I've had to just move some of my sensors to get it to register (light comes on).

I've never had a sensor fail (not to say it can't happen) but before I tied the cables to the cylinder I had a few wires break just behind the plug. I guess I'm saying look for the black band sensor around the air cylinders. The sensor will have a LED on it. Check that the light comes on when the piston in the cylinder is level with the sensor. If it doesn't, that may be your problem.

From the original questioner:
Itís a bit weird as I have all the curtains and dust brush tied up for now as I am writing a lot of code and need to see the bit when running the code slowly the first time. This has been done by turning off the air valves and setting the PLC to read properly. I am going to go over all my notes on that tomorrow and see if any have the input set to 55.

From contributor S:

Look in the electrical schematics for input 55 on one of the IO modules. That will tell you which sensor it is. As Contributor D said, it's probably the main curtain.

From the original questioner:
I have the machine going and the parts ready for the customer on Monday. It was the sensor for the dust brush. I think the band just moved up a bit. The schematics would have made this a lot easier. I need to go ahead and pay Biesse to copy the rover 30 schematics. They do not have a PDF, only hard copy.

From contributor H:
I had same problem with a Rover 24. The plastic curtain would get caught on the way up on a twenty mm lug at the end of the curtain. We took off the curtain and cut two inches off it to clear the lug - it never happened again.

From contributor H:
If itís the brushes you can turn it off in datamac. Click on tech data, then plc tables, then chuffie. In chuffie you will see a line called abil with the letter 5 beside it. When you put zero in here you turn it off and it can be dropped in stages 1 to 5. Sometimes over time the bracket that connects the air cylinder to the squeeze box curtain will get bent just enough not to let the magnet reach the sensor. Take it off and bend it straight, and while you have it off you might as well clean the slide for the sensor.