Bleached Walnut


From original questioner:

About 3 years a ago, I built a kitchen for a client using real wood walnut veneer treated with a two-part bleach. It was not a fun process but the end result was good, with a consistent light walnut colour resulting. In the past 6 months or so the walnut has started to take on some colour variation. Some panels are quite a bit darker than others and there are a few dark blotches. All the variation seems to be in the wood as the clear top coat is sound. The client says he has been using the kitchen more recently (kitchen is in a guest house and wasn't used much for the first two years) but that's the only change. What's could be happening?

From contributor Jo

Is it possible that the curtains were closed the first two years, and now that he is using the kitchen, the curtains are open and sun shines on the Walnut?

From contributor Wa

Neutralize the bleach with a wash of vinegar. That will stabilize the process so it doesn't go splotchy down the road.

From contributor Mi


That is an interesting point. I did not do the finishing myself. I suppose it's possible the finisher did not neutralize some or all of the panels.