Blowout on Arched Rail Trailing Edge

Advice on getting a clean profile on coped arch-top door rails. May 28, 2010

After coping my arched rails I'll run them on the profiling shaper where most of the time I'll get blow-out on the trailing end. This only happens on arched rails, not on cathedral rails, which turn out really nice. What can be done to prevent this blow-out?

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From contributor L:
You could try band sawing the bulk away. I don't know your machine or methods though climb cutting the first inch or so on the trailing edge will fix that problem.

From contributor B:
Here is how I deal with that problem - I put ears on the arched rail. It looks cool (to me anyway) and does not blow out so easily because the grain is parallel at the ends. Maybe that will help?

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From contributor F:
Cope the leading edge first and then run the arch. Cope the trailing edge last, it will usually clean up any tear-out.