Blum Under Mount Drawer Slides


From original questioner:

I just started using these slides, I have been using the side mount slides for ever along with some cheaper under mount slides. I added the thickness of my drawer box to the measurement in the Blum catalogue and programmed It into the cnc. The problem I am having now is the front of the box is flush with the gable. I was hoping to have a 2-3 mm space between the gable and drawer front. I assumed that Blum would allow for that. The front of my slide is about 17 mm from front of gable. I guess I will have to adjust my programming . What is everyone else doing for mounting these. What are my options? Thanks for any help.

From contributor Le

The Blum instructions have detailed setups for this. If you are doing overlay then the front of the slide goes back 4mm from the front of the cabinet. If you are doing inset then add the thickness of the FF to the 4mm.

From contributor Ja

did you remember to drill the pin hole in the back of the drawer? if not that will pull the drawer back into the case about 3/16