Boosting Your Cabinet Lift

Site-rigged makeshift adjustments to gain extra height when setting a high upper cabinet. August 31, 2009

I run into problems with refrigerator and microwave cabinets a lot, needing more height from the lift. I was just curious what some of you are doing. I've got an old toolbox I set on the seat and then I put the cabinet on the toolbox but it's not exactly fool-proof. Does anybody know where to get an 84" boom pole?

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From contributor M:
I think the t-jack can get that high. If not, just add the extender.

From contributor J:
An old plastic milk crate (right side up) with a screw into the platform on the Gillift works great. A furniture blanket on top protects the box. That's a design flaw in an otherwise great tool. I always wanted to build a plywood spacer but never got around to it. I subbed out my installs so I probably never will.

From the original questioner:
I've never got around to building mine either - that toolbox is always in the van.

From contributor C:
A short piece of 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" or bigger will do the trick just fine and can stay in place to work with all the uppers. Just one screw in the center and youíre off to work.

From contributor S:
I've made a table of 2x4ís topped with a sheet of 3/4" ply and with a 1/2 ply bottom. All glued and screwed. It measures 24" wide x 14" deep and is through bolted to the riser piece on the existing lift table.

Be careful as you lift past the post. Keep in mind that there is nothing to keep your cabinet from falling over the top. Also, it's pretty easy to overlook that you are lifting past a window sill or some wall mounted wire box for the soon to be installed light fixture that will throw the entire load off kilter. Keep your wits about you. The Gillift is a wondrous tool and yes its limited lift height is a problem, but I make it work and am mostly smiling the entire time I am using it.

From contributor S:
Telpro came out with a new version, the Cabinetizer. It is made of steel instead of aluminum and costs less.