Brad Point Boring Bits.


From original questioner:

Recommendations for a decent brand of boring bits (5mm)? We've always used Amana for these, but they seem to go dull far too quickly. We're drilling melamine with these.


From contributor Bi

Vortex sells 5mm solid carbide, not sure of the brand.

From contributor du

I get solid carbide from "Hall Manufacturing Solutions" 5x70 about $16 each.

Paul R

From contributor Be

Could I expect a much longer bit life from the solid carbide bits vs. the carbide tipped ones?

From contributor Ji

Morris Wood Tool on the web

From contributor La

I think the mixture used for brazed on carbide tips is different than what can be used in solid tooling. The carbide matrix has to be brazable and that means not as wear resistant.

From contributor Ch

We have had very good results from our Carbide-tipped and Solid Carbide as well.

From contributor Az

By all means use carbide or diamond bits in composites (MDF) and set the feed and speed of the machine to the application for best productivity and hole finish to suit your need.