Bubbled Contact Cement


From original questioner:

Hi lads we are doing Formica. Project at moment but after glueing. Flat panels. Some bubbled. Up in one or 2. After they had dried. And no matter what I do. I'm finding it very hard to do front edges without them peeling off easily. Any ideas would be great. Thanks. Tadhg

From contributor Ke

What kind of cement are you using? Sounds like you are not applying enough glue to each side and/or you maybe letting it dry too long after coating. To be clear, you are applying cement to both mating surfaces, correct?

From contributor do

I use Wilsonart 700. I believe it is the stickiest stuff out there. Never had a problem.

From contributor Jo

Two coats of adhesive on your edges especially if it is end grian The bubbles could be trapped air

From contributor Ta

Thanks lads I'm using. Formica 400. And yes I'm coating both pieces. I will try. Doing edges 2 and see what happens. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.

From contributor Ge

Is there any chance the glue was frozen? I live in a cold climate and my supplier won't ship contact in the winter I need to pick it up. I always test new contact to insure it is good before staring a project with it. I would get a new container "I use 3m water-base FWIW and have never had issues with the bond"

From contributor Mi

I use wilsonart 500, I've had that to happen one time a few years ago. I layed a wet towel on it and took an iron over it and reactivated the glue and rolled it again and it stuck and is still sticking. Too cold of temps and letting it dry to long will cause this. I think it's best to glue the wood and then the laminate and then glue the wood again.