Building Traditional Double-Hung Windows

Information and hardware sources for constructing windows the old-fashioned way.

I'm looking for a book describing the construction of old style wooden windows with vertical sliders, and a source for the counter balance.

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We make a lot of traditional wooden windows and we get our balancers from Unique Balance in Montreal. I believe they have a location somewhere in the US as well. Their url is

Look at the Traditional Building web site. There are a lot of window hardware dealers there. For construction details, there's nothing like copying old stuff that hasn't rotted. Taking apart old windows is a good way to find what works.

Here are two titles for books on window building. "Handbook of Doormaking, Windowmaking, and Staircasing" Edited by Antony Talbot. It is written in British English. And the other is "Make Your Own Handcrafted Doors & Windows" by John Birchard. Both books published by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York. Unfortunately, both books are out of print. Try the library or E-bay.