Bur oak, a.k.a. white oak

Information about various types of white oak, of which 'bur oak' is one. August 23, 2000

I have a few bur oak logs (blue oak, mossycup oak, quercus macrocarpa michx.) and was wondering if they are marketed the same as white oak. Is bur oak as highly resistant to decay as white oak?

You are correct in that bur oak is marketed as white oak. The heartwood has the same decay resistance rating as white oak. I have several pieces of furniture in my home made of bur oak, and get a lot of praise over them.

Further info: The following are the major white oak species in the lumber group called "white oak."


Bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa)

Chestnut oak (Q. primus)

Chinkapin oak (Q. muehlenbergii)

Overcup oak (Q. lyrata)

Post oak (Q. stellata)

Swamp chestnut oak (Q. michanxii)

Swamp white oak (Q. bicolor)

White oak (Q. alba)

Gene Wengert, forum moderator