Business Model Of Big Machinery Purchases?


From original questioner:

What's the business model when it comes to big machinery purchases over the life of the shop? Do you run them until the wheels fall off in 10-15 years or do you run them for 5-7 and then sell for half +/- and buy new again? This would essentially mean that every 5-7 years you're buying a new machine @ half price.

From contributor La

I can see the 5-7 year turn for tools undergoing more rapid technology changes or tools run 8 or more hours a day. Some of the consideration will be the durability level bought in the first place. Another consideration is whether your shop has more than one way to keep producing if one goes down.

From contributor Mi

We're seeing good quality used machines harder to find as time goes by due to the desert of buying/financing during the peak of the recession. So timing is also a factor. What worked for you the last time you invested in a machine may not be a good cost/benefit this time around.