Buying A Shaper With Slider


From original questioner:

I am starting to look for a new shaper and have about $5K in the budget. I think a sliding table would be useful for tenoning. Does anyone have experience with Hammer, Felder or Minimax. And is the sliding table worth the extra money. In the past, I have used shop built jigs for tenoning and coping on shapers and wonder if there is a significant difference.

From contributor Ga

I have a Felder F700 and like it a lot. We do not use the sliding table much but when we do it is great to have.

I bought mine slightly used at an auction for $4000. New it would have cost abou t $12000

From contributor ke

One of my best friends purchased a 5 foot slider with a 1 1/4 spindle new then became ill. I purchased the machine thinking I might need another shaper. the machine is new still in the crate if you are was purchased new from andreou machinery if I recall and comes equipped with 2- 3hp motors. I can get the model number if you are interested and post it. price is $4000.00 w/o shipping.

From contributor Ge

I don't have one or these machines, but a good shaper with a sliding table is much safer than hand feeding a shop made sled. For that reason alone they are worth it.

From contributor Ja

I have a format 4 which is a felder line with a slider. I use it for tenons and cope and stick. I love it. The X roll slider is smooth and durable. Very easy to go from straight profiling to cutting tenons. Good luck!

From contributor Pa

I have had a SCMI T130 with a slider......I is my favorite shaper in the shop.... you will not be sorry if you get a sliding table