Cabinet Catalog Software?


From original questioner:

We want to create a catalog for architects, designers, and contractors to use in order to select cabinets with fixed sizes. Additionally, we want to be able to generate a proposal by selecting items in this database.

To build the invoice one would select a cabinet, and then add a few parameters such as finished end (s) & finish selection

Each item in our catalog would contain a few variables such as hardware cost, case material amount, and a base labor cost which would affect its price. I would also like to have a few system variables like mark-up, profit, and case material cost, and in so doing update the pricing of all items.

We currently have every item listed in an excel spreadsheet (each width & height is it's own individual item); ideally we would be able to import it to form our database. If I needed to adjust the spreadsheet and then reimport this to update our pricing, that would be acceptable.

On the off chance that others have created catalogs such as this, would you mind telling me which program/service worked for you? We currently use the Cabinet Vision Bid Center, but I would like to list the line item cost for each cabinet.

From contributor Ma

Detail Binder does very nearly what you are asking for. I'm sure there are other programs as well and I'm sure they will chime in but Detail Binder is the only one that I know of that can be setup for multi company use such as giving designers or customers access to your system for self served estimating.

From contributor jo

here is what you want:
it will do everything you need