Cabinet Catches for a Motor Home

Standard hardware suppliers have hardware that will work for cabinetry in a van conversion or motor home interior, but specialty hardware is also widely available. January 2, 2012

I am bidding cabinets for a Dodge Sprinter van. The customer wants cabinets, fold down beds, etc. My question is where do you find hardware, such as drawer glides that latch, so they don't slide open when driving? Do the doors also need to latch shut?

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From contributor M:
Accuride makes guides for emergency vehicles and so forth that latch.

From contributor J:
I am currently renovating my motor home. There are plenty of catalogs for this. Real fan of Hafele as well.

From contributor O:
Boat builders stuff would be the right avenue.

From contributor T:
Used to be a coach builder (million dollar motor home). The only thing you need to do that is special is secure all fronts with snap catches. 5lb and 10lb do the trick. The doors and drawers will all shut with a click. As an added bonus, they won't rattle when going down the road, which is very important to those who travel a lot with motor homes. Hafele carries the catches. Short end of story, you can use the same hardware you always use.