Cabinet Lifts


From original questioner:

Would appreciate any suggestions on cabinet lifts. Your experience with them, recommendations on the brand and accessories.

Most of our cabinetry is deep and heavy. Uppers installed 1st. High ceilings.

Have seen Telpro Cabinetizer and Gillift online

From contributor Gi

We bought a refurbished GIL-lift several years ago. It's a great lift. As I recall we bought it from the GIL factory.

From contributor ed

Kerry use to have a slide show. Of a lift he Seemed like it would work well and you could customize it while you make it.

From contributor jo

I have used and loved my Gil lift for 7 years doing laminate commercial casework. Uppers first always. One possible problem you may have is depth. You wrote "deep and heavy". Heavy not much problem up to 300lbs. Deep is a problem if they are over 14". The lift is made for 12" and starts getting tippy over that. When I have to do Microwave shelf units they have to be clamped to lift deck and really babied to the wall.