Calculating Pedestal Size For Table


From original questioner:

I have a client who wants a table built with a single pedestal. Top would be 72" x 72" with two 24" flip-up extensions, making the extended top 120" x 72". My gut tells me this would be unstable unless a ridiculously large base was used.

Is there a formula for calculating how big the base must be? Seems like weight would figure into the formula, no?

I'd like to suggest an alternative such as drop-down legs under the extensions, ideally self-storing ones.

Thanks in advance for your input.


From contributor Da

Explain to your customer that there is a test for things like this: Have you ever seen this? There is a reason why you haven't - they don't work.

While a 6' x 6' table can be built - and be stable - with a 3' base, adding 2' to each end will make it unstable. Thick carpet will exacerbate the problem.

At this point, the customer/designer will usually say they won't put that 30lb Turkey at one extreme end of the table, so it should be okay. It is then your decision to proceed or not. The best you can do is offer warnings, make a little model, show the instability, and then let them decide. After all, they are the ones defining the design, not you. Just be sure they are willing to absorb the ramifications of their decision.

Self-storing drop down legs is a good solution, one that will be easy to implement and will make the table very secure.

From contributor ay

self storing legs is a good option... it will work best... you must tell the customer about the whole situation and follow their instructons.