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Formula to determine how much is left on the roll, with a nod to Archimedes. March 14, 2004

Is there a simple chart that I can reference to see how many feet of typical .018 edgebanding is remaining on a roll?

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From contributor K:
Formula for calculating lineal footage of edgebanding on a coil roll:

OD = Outside Diameter
ID= Inside Diameter
#L = # of Layers in Coil
BT = Banding Thickness
CC= Center Coil Layer circumference
CD = Center Coil Layer Diameter
LM= Lineal mm of Banding

LF = Lineal Feet of Banding

(OD – ID /2) + ID = CC
CC * BT * PI (3.14) = CD
(OD – ID) * BT = #L
CD *#L = LM
LM / 304.8 = LF


OD = 457mm
ID = 127mm
BT = .5mm

457-127 /2 = 165 + 127 = 292
292 * .5 = 146 * 3.14 = 458
(457 – 127 = 330) * .5 = 165
458 * 165 = 75570
75570 / 304.8 = 248 LF of Banding

I have this formula as an Excel spreadsheet at the office that will take both English and metric dimensions. I'll post it on the net with a link to download of others are interested.

From contributor D:
I think I've got an easier way. Pace off the block your home is on. Hire next door neighbor's kid - give him end of roll and send him off running... wherever he hits pavement when end of roll jerks him silly...

My formula: B-K(D)


Just kidding…

From contributor K:
Now if you can just get the kid to roll the banding back up! We use lots of custom colors to match laminates and sometimes we have a small roll on the shelf that might just be enough to keep us from having to order an additional roll, so I made the little spreadsheet to help us out. It only takes a second to fill out and you have a pretty good idea (usually within one coil layer) of the LF of banding.

The formula actually goes back to Archimedes as he calculated the spiral:

Spiral Length - N 2pi(ri+d N /2) = N 2pi(ri+Rw /2)

ri is the inner radius at the start of the spiral, N is the number of revolutions of the spiral and d is the distance between the spiral. Without being able to insert the pi symbol as well as using subset text it makes the formula much harder to read. I interpreted it for the original formula and our calculator to make the variables relevant to our usage.