Calibrating a Contractor's Table Saw

Loosen three nuts and nudge it (hint: replace the washers with better ones). March 14, 2006

I recently made a new enclosed stand and after moving the Delta tablesaw, I noticed the blade is out of parallel with the miter slots. How is this adjusted? Is this a factory setting?

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From contributor R:
Unlike a cabinet saw where the trunnion assembly is mounted to the base, and the top also mounted to the base, the contractor's saw has the whole trunnion assembly mounted directly to the top with four bolts. To align the blade, loosen three of the four bolts and tap a corner of the table to rotate it until the blade is parallel to the mitre slot. Then re-tighten the bolts. And here's a tip: the holes in the trunnion assembly that the bolts go through are oversized to allow this kind of adjustment. The washers supplied with the saw are not nearly thick enough, and end up cupping. This causes a problem whereby when you do an alignment, the now cupped washer will feel as if you have tightened it down sufficiently, but will creep over time back to its "home" position - thus causing your saw to go out of alignment. I replaced mine with good thick steel washers, and then the alignment stayed put.

From the original questioner:
Thanks for the fix and the finer points of a full tune-up!