Can I Run Corrugated Knives in a Flat-Knife Moulder Head?

Don't run moulders using knives that aren't designed for that moulder. It's unsafe. February 27, 2007

Has anyone tried using corrugated steel in a slick back head like a Woodmaster? Also, can Woodmaster's head use other than 1/4 slick back?

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From contributor F:
I don't think I would risk using corrugated knives in a flat knife head. Friction would be lost. It would probably stay put, but it would make me nervous. If you do it, never start the machine with the dust hood removed. I am running an RBI molder and I was able to buy a couple of corrugated heads for it. I like knowing that the knives are held by more than just friction and clamp pressure with corrugations.

From Dave Rankin, forum technical advisor:
From a safety point, do not use corrugated knives in a flat back head. Using the incorrect tool like this will make you totally responsible in the event of an accident. The amount of friction available from a corrugated knife is much less than is needed for a flat steel application.

From contributor G:
Woodmaster has a corrugated head for your machine to run your knives. Give them a call.