Can You Air-Dry Wood For Too Long?

If it's protected from bugs and water, wood can sit in storage indefinitely. August 12, 2014

If Northeastern hardwoods such as red oak, white oak, poplar, and etc. are kept outside to air dry properly by using stickers and adequate airflow for more than two-three years. Will that cause any deterioration to the wood?

Forum Responses
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From Contributor B:
I've had wood stacked and kept dry for over ten years with no sign of deterioration.

From Contributor M:
I'm in North FL. I have dried red and white oak, some for 15 years in an open barn and have had no problems with deterioration. But do not store with gum wood. This will attract boring bugs.

From contributor X:
As long as it doesn't get wet again it should be fine. As long as you don't live in an area with wild RH swings throughout the seasons taking the EMC along for the ride I don't see a problem. Most species would not be affected even then IMO since once they're down below 20ish they stay pretty stable anyway. This is just based on my experience in my area.

From contributor H:
Down here in Louisiana we have to watch for boring beetles. Hardwood will reach moisture equilibrium about 12% and get very hard lasting many years covered but not too dry and hard for the borers.