Canister and Gun Setup for Contact Adhesive Spray Application

It's almost too easy. September 30, 2009

I have a bit of HPL to do on several jobs and I'm going to use Conbond in the 11# canister along with their Tacc gun and hose. Already purchased and I'm doing this tomorrow.

I could use some spraying hints. Does the gun stay filled with adhesive after using, and you just put the whole thing away until next time? Any cleaning procedures? Do a lot of you guys use this setup?

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From contributor J:
Once you open that tank, do not turn it off. It will not cure in the hose because of the pressure, but it will if you turn it off. I take the tip off - it unscrews - and keep it in a jar of lacquer thinner. This way it is always clean. Clean outside of gun and hoses if you want, the same way.

From contributor K:
I have used this setup for a few years now and I find it remarkably easy. Sometimes if you spray the board 90 degrees to the direction you spray the laminate you get a good bond and sometimes a double dose around the edge helps to ensure you get no rises.

From contributor J:
What I do is one good coat on lam and two coats on substrate. Manufacturers say one is good enough but I don't believe them. If I have any doubts after that I will give another quick shot around the edges several inches in - that way I know I will never have a loose edge.

From the original questioner:
I took everyone's advice and just did 7 tops, two of them 127" long. This is so easy to do... I just might go into the countertop business. Never has this been this easy. And the fact that the gun is ready to go at any time. This is one of those enlightening experiences. Thanks!

From contributor C:
That's a big change from rolling glue out with a paint roller, isn't it? I bought my rig about three years ago... changed my life! LOL.