Cargo Container Dehumidifier Kiln

Where to put the dehumidifier in a cargo-container drying kiln? January 29, 2009

I am getting ready to start putting together a kiln using an old 40' insulated cargo container and a Nyle L200. What is the optimum location for mounting the unit and fans seeing as the container is narrow and obviously quite a bit longer. I have also toyed with the idea of being able to close off half of the container for smaller loads. The primary use of this kiln is to re-dry or finish drying lumber to a usable moisture content for our own use, mostly softwoods.

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From contributor R:
I have a Nyle set up in a container. My dh unit is centered and flush against the sidewall. There isn't much room around the stack when it's loaded. There is just barely enough room to walk by the dh unit - maybe 10-12". My carts are 48" wide. You'll have a hard time setting it up to use only half of the container for small loads. When I dry small loads, I center the stack with the dh unit, and use OSB to baffle the ends of the stack. It works fine.



From the original questioner:
If I can ask you another question, how many fans and where do you have them located? My container actually butts up to my building so we will be loading from inside. I am going to mount the controls in the building to prevent from freezing so I need to extend the electrical leads. I considered allowing enough slack for me to pull the unit along the wall for small loads and block off the other half. What do you think?

From contributor R:
I've got five fans that are evenly spaced. I like your idea of leaving extra wire to slide the dh unit. It's not very heavy. I think that would work well.

From contributor C:
I have four fans in my 40' kiln and my unit is on one side. If I were to do it again I would mount the unit in the center and on the outside and duct the unit to the container. It is much easier to service and no chance of hitting the unit during pulling the lumber carts in and out.