Causes for Wavy Bandmill Cuts

Two more reasons a bandsaw mill may start to make wavy cuts. December 15, 2005

Six months ago I was having problems with wavy cuts. Thought it was the blades first, then checked the blade guides. Finally someone at Wood-Mizer suggested checking the drive belt tension. That cured the problem until today. I noticed the blades were not tracking quite right on the drive wheel side. After a closer look, I discovered the nuts on the U-bolt that hold the main drive assembly together had backed off, causing the drive belt to loosen six months ago and finally, today, the blade tracking to go screwy. The real kicker was it would not do it after every cut, so it was a real pain to find. Just posted as info. Wavy cuts were the first problem. Something to check if you start having problems.

Forum Responses
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From contributor B:
Thanks for the info. I have not had that problem…yet. Probably every other problem for wavy cut. Just goes to show - you don't know it all.

From contributor P:
I am fairly new to sawing, but I noticed that my Hud-Son Oscar 30 was cutting a little wavy. Not too bad, but noticeable. This mill had ceramic blade guide pads that the blade runs through and a roller that rolls against the back of the blade (if you are pushing hard while sawing). I found out today that the blade guide pads were gummed up so much that the back of the blade would not even reach the roller, and was being stopped by the buildup of pitch. I cleaned out the guides and the wave has disappeared.