Centering the Belts on an SCM Sandya 3S

Keeping sanding belts on track requires knowing about a particular set screw and fitting. June 15, 2014

I was wondering if anyone with one an SCM Sandya 3S sander can let me know how to center the belts. They keep moving down to one end. I looked in the manual and on page 5.15 it describes how to make some adjustments and in fig. Abb. 8 it shows the parts. My sander doesn't have the brackets shown. I was wondering if this is normal or if someone has stripped out these parts?

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From Contributor U:
Going from memory, on my Sandya 5 there are some eccentric mounts on the air pistons used for oscillation on the drive belt side of the machine. You loosen a set screw on top and turn the eccentric mount with a hex key. I sometimes get a batch of belts that want to run down away from the photo eye. Being *very careful* of the exposed belts, I adjust this mount with the machine running so that the oscillation is even.

From Contributor U:
Here is a photo of what I was talking about, for you or anyone else in the future who has this question. I did not find this in my manual, so maybe it is not common knowledge since most of the time, no adjustment is needed.

Loosen stop nut upper right.
Loosen set screw inside stop nut.
Turn black eccentric mount lower right.
Re-tighten set screw and stop nut.

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