Changing Circular Sawmill Blade Bits

Hard to do, hard to visualize, hard to explain in words ... still, this advice might help. February 22, 2011

I need to change the bits in my 48 inch saw plate. I have bought the wrench and some new bits. Can somebody give me advice on how to accomplish this task? I don't want to remove any more bits because I understand this needs to be done one tooth at a time.

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From Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
It is correct that you change one tooth at a time, and put the shank back in its original location. I always add a drop of oil to the edge of the shank before reinstalling it. Where are you located? Maybe someone nearby can show you. It is easy to do.

From the original questioner:
I have tried oil, grease and spit. This may seem to be a trivial problem but it is quite frustrating. I am south of Beaumont, Texas.

From Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
This is how I do it. After I loosen the shank and remove the old tooth and shank, I then clean the spot where the shank will go and also the shank using a stiff brush, not a file or something too rough. Then I put a drop of oil on and put the shank partly in and slide in the tooth and rotate by hand until snug. The tightening tool is already in place, so when the shank is close, then the tool is used to begin to tighten. The final tightening is tough, but that is why the tool has a long sturdy handle. You may have to set everything by gently hitting the top of the tooth so that it is back in alignment. Also, hit the side to center the tooth perfectly. Do you also have a swedge? We oftentimes would swedge the tooth just a bit.

From the original questioner:
Ok the issue is that the bit does not want to stay in place while I rotate the shank into position. Iíve tried to hold the bit with a pair of vice grips and a cut up leather glove to make a soft grip so as to not damage the saw plate or bit. In 8-10 hours today I was to get three teeth in. On one tooth i was able to work the tool back and forth in order to set the tooth. It just seems like there is some trick to the trade. My vendor said they are the proper teeth and they appear to be a fit.