Changing Command Line Defaults

Several ways to make AutoCad respond at the touch of a key (or a button). June 29, 2005

How do I go about changing the default settings for various commands in the command line? For example, when copying an object, the default is set to produce a single copy and I would like to change it to multiple copies.

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From contributor B:
You can make a new toolbar icon set up to do COPY 'M'. I don't believe there is a variable for this, but you can check 'SETVAR'.

From contributor C:
Unless you are in autocad 2005 or LT 2005 copy will not default to multiple, it's not a sysvar you can change. The other commands you want to set depend on what you are doing, some can be changed and some cannot. I would search the web, there are several sites that list all the system variables and their default settings. Once you know the settings you want to change, you can set up a button macro that sets them all in case they get changed after you change them. We do that and it saves a lot of headaches for the less knowledgeable techs and the folks that have to figure out what setting they managed to change.

From contributor D:
One way is to create a new new button in ACAD. Paste this in there: ^C^Ccopy;\\;m;