Choosing a table saw

Selecting a table saw and fence system for a small shop. January 3, 2001

I'm considering buying a Powermatic Artisan table saw for my small shop. Can anyone comment on the pros or cons of that saw? Any other saws of similar type that might do as well or better for limited cabinet work? Any other saws with better fence systems?

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I would skip this class of saw and go right to a Unisaw or a Powermatic 66. More money but 10 times more machine. And they hold their resale value.

Get a good 52" or better T-square fence. Throw in a sliding table if you want. It will be a great investment.

I have had the Delta Platinum Edition 10" tilting arbor cabinet saw about 4 months. I am very pleased with it.

I used to be a shop teacher, and our secondary schools had a Unisaw for just about all of the 30 years I was around. I don't know of any failing. If you get one, be sure and buy the Biesmier T-square fence, not the Delta. To use the Delta on the left side of the blade you have to unscrew and change it. The T-square is excellent, and slides right over the blade.