Clamping Angled Work so it Won't Slide

Pieces that meet at an angle are hard to clamp together tightly. Here are some clever tricks. March 16, 2015

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
This should be a really easy question but I can't seem to clamp up a work piece without the two pieces slipping past each other. Does anyone have any advice?

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From contributor M:
The clamping force has to be perpendicular to the plane of the joint for it not to slide. The way to achieve this has as much to do with where the pretty side is, as the geometry. For instance, you could clamp it with temporary screws countersunk into the white piece, but I imagine this wouldn't be acceptable. If you are able to arrange clamps and pads eventually to equal out to perpendicular pressure, but are just having trouble with it sliding around in the process, then a floating tenon (or a couple, depending on that third dimension) might help.

From Contributor U:
If you won't be shaping the joint later, a few grains of sand around the center where they won't show will also help keep it from slipping.

From contributor K:
The scraps which were removed from cutting the bevels can be hot glued onto the side of each part, making a parallel surface for the clamps. However, hot glue is prone to creep under high pressure, so only light clamp pressure should be used. It pops off easily after the glue has cured in the joint. Use a few brads to improve the resistance to slipping, if you don't mind a few holes to fill.

From Contributor D:
When I have had the sliding joints while gluing problem, I drive a couple of short brads in to one piece and cut the head off leaving a sharp end. It protrudes less than a 1/16" above the surface. Place the other piece over these brad points and clamp. The pieces won't slide around as the brads hold them in place. Itís a very old method but still use it a lot.

From contributor A:
Simply adding a piece of packing tape will help to hold their positions. Then add a bit of clamping force. We often will use just packing tape for miter folds.