Clay Bar for Overspray Removal

Clay bar products work well for taking overspray off, but be careful you could alter the sheen. July 3, 2008

I sprayed an 8' tall 4 sided cabinet with 20 sheen white pre-cat. The overspray is light enough to handle with the paper bag method. I just want to experiment and learn. My auto finish friends love the clay bar for overspray removal. Anyone use this product?

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From contributor B:
Yep... works good.

From contributor R:
The clay bar works quite well on overspray removal. Mothers makes a kit with a small piece of clay and two different spray bottles. That kit is fair. Check online for clay bars and you might find the larger clays. Like sandpaper, they come in a few different grits. Make sure you use a lubricant and go at the overspray removal gently. If you're too aggressive, you could end up changing the sheen of your original coating.

From contributor D:
I would add that the clay bar routine works great on my car clear coat. However, I would be concerned about using it on a 20 sheen lacquer. The clay or the lubricant (usually some type of light spray way) may change the sheen or color of a low-sheen 20 finish. I would definitely test this out on a scrap piece first, before using it on a project! For my car, I use Griot's Garage paint cleaning clay, along with their spray detailer wax called Speed Shine. (Great stuff!) I've also used Meguier's detail wax, and that works fine.