Cleaning Up Edgebanded Corners

Options for trimming overhanging edgebanding ends flush. October 12, 2007

I got my bander up and running. It does great with single sided banding. I am looking at banding slab doors with 3mm tape. I am getting ears sticking up on the second side where the banding overlaps the banding from the first side. What is the best way to clean up these corners? I am thinking maybe a small router?

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From contributor H:
Depending on the age and technology of your machine, you may be able to fine tune the end trimmer, but if it cannot be tuned in without damaging the other edge, then a small radius bit in a router is the way to go. I am assuming that your bander is putting a radius on the top and bottom. If not, then a straight bit will be the one to use. My E-P 9 Cehisa trims top and bottom with a radius and after banding two opposite sides, I band the two ends and follow up with the router. If you are going to be doing quantity, you can find a used copy router that will do this even better and faster.

From the original questioner:
Yes, I am doing the radius edge. The problem is it rounds off the top and bottom, but not the end to match the radius of the previously applied radiused edgebanding. It is not noticeable on .049 tape.

From contributor H:
In that case, a 1/8 radius bit in a laminate trimmer is what I use. I trim counterclockwise and it does a smooth job.

From contributor M:
Why not buy a stand-alone corner rounding unit? You can find them used for $5,000 or new for $13,000+-. That machine will profile the vertical edge to match the 3mm radius horizontal edge. You can also buy a new edgebander with corner rounding already on it. That will give you the best results.