Clear Wood Filler


From original questioner:

I just finished a demilune table veneered cats paw mahogany. I don't want to use a colored filler, so I initially planned on building shellac layers. Then I saw this clear filler. Has anyone used this and if so, what's the longevity?

From contributor Ma

What clear filler? Link?

For what it's worth, on table tops, I've simply found the application of multiple coats of your chosen clear finish to be the best results.

I would not use shellac unless this is a furniture piece. If you want durability you will want to use something like an oil varnish (polyurethane) or a catalyzed product like two-part polyurethane.

Just sand each coat back with 320 grit on your orbital sander.

Full grain fill on mahogany will take at least 4, maybe 5+ coats on most products, if you apply it in sane amounts.