Commercial Bidding Advice


From original questioner:

We are a mostly residential shop but we do some commercial mostly just on contractors requests. Now these contractors are asking us to bid more of their work. Can anyone point me in the right direction for some education on submitting bids and the other required items for a typical commercial bid?

From contributor vi

Why not ask the contractors you are bidding to?

From contributor Do

All I do is commercial ! Frameless vs a frame cabinet , all hardware fastens right to the 5mm holes for 32mm system, slab door vs . 5 piece raised panel door , IBM has more money to push around than the Jones's . Put lien on building if you dont get paid. Rarely even meet the tenants . Now to your question. I charge 235.00 a LF for base , upper and countertop with 4" backsplash , measured fro front of upper ( for corners) hence , 10lf is 2,350.00.
Most basic reception desk are 4,500 .
For your doors , your supplier can probably have sheets laid up for your doors , it is just as cheap as doing it yourself . A edgebander is a must if you are going to go this route. Use the glue that is in the self contained canister with the gun , alot less headache and surprisingly a 38lb , goes quite along ways. 210.00 a LF will get you in the door with most contractors , but thats in Texas don't know where you are from , up north I am sure you can get more $. Any more questions feel free to call me @ 972-571-7846 . I did residential at first then I wisened up !