Commercial Cabinets Pricing


From original questioner:

My shop here in California, Project is for a gas station. We built the attached commercial grad front desk and back showcase display, all grey laminate and particle board melamine cabinets.tempered glass and security locks on drilled glass to fit the locks and all lighting High out pot fluorescent lamps with cables (NOT connected).I had to demolish the old cabinets to install the new ones.
project site 2 hrs away driving.
project has to be installed after Mid night so the business do not stop.
My cost was around 3600 Total.
I'm charging my customer $7500.
He thinks it is kind of high price,
what would you charge for project like this.
i want to be fair and do not lose his future business.
I appreciate your input.
Thank you.

From contributor Je

All materials including the glass, 2 hour delivery, install at stupid time....If anything your a couple grand low!
Tell him to get other bids for the exact same scenario.

From contributor Je

Just curious about your "costs". What does that include, just materials or all costs? I still think you're probably low for your area.

From contributor AA

Thank you for response
Cost includes material and labor.the backs of tall unites are 3/4 lam plywood to hold the double brackets tracks also it there is laminate at all exposed sides, 3/4 P wood laminated base.
Counter tops 1" with 3mm PVC tape
Sorry I did not mention the shelves Only Plexiglas 1/2.($200) per sheet but the rest of project is T glass.

How you calculate such project you can not go 170 or even 200per
I still welcome your inputs.

From contributor Ri

Did he tell you it was high when he signed the contract, or only after seeing it installed? If he signed the contract, the price is the price. Tell him you think what you pay for a gallon of gas is kinda high too, and what he charges for a candy bar is much higher than the grocery store.

From contributor La

Not over priced.

From contributor ja

To low,, when they act like this I let them get their own Glass man, lights etc,

From contributor Mi

Yes, much to low, even for us here in the Midwest.And I do work for a few convenience stores/gas stations.
Trust me, the ones that have 6-8 of them are not hurting.

From contributor mi

I think that is minimum. Repeatable production, meaning more stores, keeps prices low, 1-offs are more expensive. Just curious about your costs. how much fabrication time? traditional or cnc?

From contributor Am

You owe it to yourself, family and business to charge EVERYONE what it takes to cover ALL your costs PLUS your profit and don't let anyone try to have you cut the price down. You're better off losing the job than working for free, or worse, at a loss. If you can run a more efficient operation and cut your costs then reflect that in your pricing if you need to in lean time but there is nothing wrong with pocketing the profits from lower costs. The 3 most profitable commercial shops in Northern California charge the most for their work. The ones who don't charge enough come and go.

From glancing at your pics I'd say you didn't charge enough because:
1. You didn't produce a catalog item with existing jigs and fixtures this is custom work.
2. There is at least 8 hours if not 16 of design drawings, shop drawings and layout on a $6k+ software package.
3. The items are too large to be moved or delivered by a single person. 2 persons x 4 hours drive+ 1 hour delivery is 10 hours just to deliver How much is your labor rate + truck?

4. Installation was after hours which means you or your employee installed after the spending a whole day at the shop. How much more is your overtime?

From contributor Br

This guy is in my market, southern California. I wonder if there is just more illegal labor here than other parts, or if it's just more accepted here. There is a shop my size in the suite next door and there must be 8 different guys working out of the same 5,000 sq-ft shop. None carry any GL or WC insurance. It obviously drives prices down. This pricing story is more the norm than the exception.

From contributor ca

costs of 3600 ? does this include everything including the drive ? Only you can determine the price, are all your bases covered ? I would venture to say @ the going market price it is too low. But, again only you can determine this. Are you sure you have the glass covered ? And, markup on it ?

I would say that if you offer great service on time, you should be able to get past worrying about working for this guy again. Today's job has something to do with tomorrows but not at the risk of low or no profit.

From contributor es

If the cost was $3600 including shop /site labor, travel, materials, and shop drawings, but not overhead (shop rent/ hydro etc), you likely did well, but not ridiculously so. Ultimately if you had under-priced it I doubt he would have given you more to finish it, you took the risk and did the job well, if he didn't get other prices to compare, that's his business.