Comparing Edgebander Features


From original questioner:

I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a new edgebander and was hoping to get a little bit of feedback. Of course, everybody's machine is the "best", so salesman are no help.

I currently own a Brandt KDN 330 that I purchased new in 2006. It has been a reliable machine, but we need the ability to change glue quickly. I am only considering 2 different brands of machines, Brandt and Holzher. If I'm going to stick with gluepots, I'm going to stick with a brand I know and trust. So this is really about the difference between glue pots and the quality of Brandt vs cartridge glue and the quality of Holzher.

Question 1: For those of you with newer Brandts, they claim the glue line on their new machines is so good, I won't need to change glue colors. True or false?

Question 2: For those of you with late model Holzhers, how happy are you with the glue jet application system?

Question 3: If I insist on changing my glue on a Brandt, evidently they have the ability to change out glue pots quickly and easily. In reality, is this true or false.

Question 4: For those of you who have servo controls, is it simply push a button or do you have to run test pieces and make adjustments just like you would if you didn't have servo controls.

Question 5: For those of you who have owned or operated both Holzher and Brandt in the last 5 or 10 years, is there any noticeable difference in quality?


From contributor St

We run a Holzher with the cartridge system and have absolutely loved it. The glue lines are extremely clean - even the high gloss material turns out fabulous! I stick with the "natural" cartridge color and have never changed...Also, clean up is a cinch and no glue pots to deal with. You also have the option to switch to PUR - very easy with no mess. I really worried about my bander purchase because of all the headaches I kept hearing about from shop owners about banders in general. This one has proved to be one of the most reliable tools in my shop.

From contributor La

I don't think I'd mess with changing colors. Just use clear and set your machine for a very tight glue line. Your Brandt should work fine. We've got both Holz Her & IDM and never change glue colors. If you are that concerned, by a machine that can put on the laser banding. Many of them can be switched between pot and laser/hot air.

From contributor Do

Pre-mil and routine maintenance will get you the best glue line. A lot of the glue line you see is where glue has filled the scoring blade bevel. Pre-mil will machine that bevel away and give you a great edge without changing pots.
If you insist on changing pots it is about a 3 minute gig with practice.
We are on our 3rd Brandt in 27 years. My next machine will be a Brandt.... Top and bottom trimmers on newer Brandt's is a great system (much different and forgiving than the 330). Buy diamond tooling if you plan on running one piece of laminate through the machine.
Clear glue has some issues depending on the machine you are running as it can be stringy especially on slower feed speeds.
Even though servo will give you repetitive results you should always run a test piece after adjustments as most edgebander set up issues are material related. It is a best practice!

From contributor Ph

1. I have been told by many that there is no need to change the glue colors, however when running dark colors using a dark glue works the best for me. There will also be a glue line unless using the new zero edge machines.

2. have no idea. I have never seen them.

3. my older brandt it is not so easy and needs to be planned for. I saw a glue pot changeout on a Biesse in less than 2 minutes a few months ago. Quite impressive.

4. I dont have this yet, but saw a change from wood strips to, thin tape to 3ml at the same demo and the accuracy was perfect.

5. Again no idea on holz her. I'm not sold on the new brandts yet, doesn't appear they have fixed their gates on the glue pot yet and they seem lighter than my older one once you open the hood.

From contributor Ri

We have a SCM and HolzHer and never change glue color. The glue pot change takes no time but you still need for the new pot to heat up before you can run.

From contributor Al

Question 1: True for us using a 1650 Ambition, the glue line is so much smaller the need for different colors isn't there for us.

Question 2: N/A

Question 3: Don't have any idea
Question 4: push button, check part, run, check parts as temperature changes during the day.

Question 5: NA

From contributor Te

I've had several banders over the years. 3 different Holzher banders. My conclusion after all those years is the Holzher Glue nozzle system is inferior. Controlling the glue line is extremely difficult. Even the start and stopping point of the glue can go out of adjustment. If you want to be constantly mucking with the glue lines and cleaning out the nozzle, Holzher is the way to go. Otherwise the roller application system that EVERY OTHER MANUFACTURER uses is better. More consistent, reliable, easier to maintain, adjust, etc. Just my 2 cents.