Conference Table Leveling

How do you incorporate practical, accessible leg levelers into the pedestal bases for a big, heavy conference table? August 31, 2010

I'm working on a 5' x 14' conference table (1 1/4" PBC top) supported by three bases which measure 8" x 36". This table will sit on a padded and carpeted floor that runs out of level at least 1/2" from one end to the other. I'm looking for suggestions on leveling and accessing the levelers. My concern is that I will set the table and level the base assembly on the carpet, and the heavy top will cause it to sink into the padding and no longer be level. At that point I will no longer have access to the levelers. Any ideas?

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From contributor P:
Access doors in the pedestals.

From contributor C:
Why wouldn't you have access to the levelers? I don't get it. Even if you used crude hex head adjustable levelers, you could adjust them after the top has been placed.

From the original questioner:
The levelers do have hex heads, but there will barely be a gap around the base - not enough to get a wrench in there.

The access panel/door is an idea. Since I had planned to cut a reveal about 4" high and stain the lower section a darker color, maybe I can make a piece of this "toekick" removable on each leg and attach with barely visible black headed screws or invisible Keku fasteners.

From contributor D:
Since the table will probably outlast the carpet, remove the carpet where the pedestals go. This gets you down to solid footing. Then put your adjustment at the connection point between the pedestals and the top. This will never be seen in normal use.

From contributor C:
I used PMI levelers for a huge wine rack in a wine store. They work great and are super stout. The leg can be adjusted after they are in place by means of an Allen wrench. Drill a 3/16 or so hole in the side of the leg.