Contact Cement for PVC Edge Banding

You have brush, roller, and spray can options. March 13, 2009

Usually I get edge banding with the hot melt glue on it and then iron it on. On the job that I am working on now, I don't have a source for the HM type and have gotten a PVC banding. It will be applied to a melamine covered particle board substrate. What is my best bet for glue, and contact cement? Since I am not set up to spray CS and don't want to buy a system to do this one job (I usually use plywood and real wood edging), what are my options? From what I know I can use a roller to apply the CS any other ways of doing this? And what brand/type of CS (or other) would you recommend for this (type of) application.

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From contributor D:
There are a couple ways to do this. A small roller and brush grade contact cement. Or you could use the peel and stick edge from Fast Cap.

From contributor T:
A couple of cans of 3M Fastbond 90 spray contact should do. We have a big E.B. - but just did a job with metal mica. We did not want to glue it on through the machine but it stuck really well with this.

From the original questioner:
Sounds like an idea contributor T. Where is the most likely place to get some of this? I'd like to try for a local store before an internet store.

From contributor T:
Big Orange or Blue box store, autobody supply - (headliner/trim). Good paint and hardware stores.