Conversion Varnish over Metal Hinges

Is it safe to use a wood finish on metal? December 6, 2011

I'm using pigmented conversion varnish on a cabinetry job that involves some piano hinges. The hinges need to be painted to match the doors and case they're attached to, and I was hoping to get away with using the same conversion varnish I've used on the rest of the project. I talked to Sherwin Williams and although I figured the standard answer would be no - they said the acids will react with the metal and it for sure will not work. Does anyone have experience with the long term effects of using conversion varnish over something like this? Is there a certain primer to use on just the hinges?

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From contributor R:
The issue I had with using a CV over metal was that my fingerprints telegraphed through the coating. Didn't happen right away. I can't say for sure if it had something to do with the acid or not. I found that Deft worked out okay, and I don't see any problems with coloring the Deft to match your CV color. Might be worth a try.

From contributor L:
MLC Resistant will bond with the metal well.

From contributor I:
Sherwin Williams has a product called Wash Coat Primer. Strip your hinges, spray it on, wait 30 minutes, spray your CV.