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Workable corner cabinet face frame details. February 26, 2007

I am currently building my 45 degree corner units and as u can see below the side to face joint isnt all that great. It sometimes gives me problems coming loose from the face causing headaches. I guess what Im wondering is if anyone can perhaps post images of how your joint is set up or offer advice so I can come up with a better way to do this.

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From contributor M:
I couldn't tell much about your drawing but we cut a 45 groove 1/2" wide that we put the sides into then we have a jig we use on the table saw to cut the floor roof and shelves.

From contributor J:
To the original questioner: Do you have pocket hole equipment? If so, cut 45's on your face frames in the opposite direction of your picture, leave the sides at 90 and pocket screw them to the frames - inside the corners of the face frame and the side being flush when you screw them together. The pocket holes will never show with the angle of the cabinet. You will be left with a small ear that will need to be planed off or it can be trimmed of with the table saw before you screw together.

From contributor R:
Below is a little more work that some of the other methods but I like the way it goes together.

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From contributor J:
The only caution is, you have to be very careful with the sharp edge left at the tip of the 45 on the face frame. It is very easily bumped and the edge is ruined. If you can keep them clean, it makes for a very nice transition into your other runs of cabinets.