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Suggestions for a cabinetmaker getting into building his first corner sink base. January 13, 2009

Ive been doing this for quite a few years and this will be my first corner sink base. I think were leaning towards an inset base style and would like to use a full size sink. I can think of several ways to build a corner sink base, but Im looking for the best way. Would you share your construction methods and especially how you do your stiles for the inset portion?

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From contributor J:
I've only done one corner sink on a face frame inset door cabinet and I actually built it a bit different. Instead of making a box which would have been huge (45" out from the corner) for the size we needed, I built the face frame and then assembled the interior on site. I installed the flanking cabinets and the face frame at the same time and then added a bottom panel and counter supports at the back afterward. It worked out well and I didn't have to build a monster sized box to do it. Here's a photo, as it may be easier to see it than explain it fully.

From the original questioner:
Thanks, and nice work. I thought about your method too, but I won't be doing the install, it's for a contractor. Yes, I was trying to avoid a huge corner base also and was hoping somebody had already addressed that.

From contributor M:
I've got one out on the shop floor right now - although it's still a pretty large corner base, it's nothing ridiculous. It's going to go in a corner with windows above on either side of the corner. Opposite corner has double ovens, which was much more difficult to do without making a "cluster*&%^." Ends were kept angled for tall pull-outs on both side walls (eliminating the homeowner's desire to put cheesy Lowe's organizers on the inside of the door).

The back's 44 5/8" to the outside, front's 26 15/16" with the miters. Other than that, it's a standard depth base cab. Stiles and rails are 1 11/16" with a 5/16" bead (2" total), and the door (couldn't tell you if it's been fitted yet, so may have been made a smidge bigger) is 19 13/16" x 18 11/16". There's approximately 8 3/4" inside clearance at the back where her pull-outs will be there on the side before the miter comes back.

Making the miters on the frame is important, and the easiest way I've found to transition. It causes a nice even flow between frames and installs essentially the same as the rest of the cabs.