Correcting Overspray

Finishers discuss how to smooth the rough surface caused by slight overspray. December 15, 2005

While putting a finish coat on the bottom of some shelves that go into a corner knickknack unit, I inadvertently got some bounce back overspray on the top side. Is there a way to get rid of this slight roughness without destroying the finish? It's a gloss lacquer (MagnaMax).

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If it is light overspray, rub it with a brown paper bag or the back side of your sanding paper.

Instead of brown paper bags, I use newspaper. If it hasn't been too long, you could spray some thinner or retarder on the piece and it should melt back in.

Or use cardboard.

Does anyone else use wax paper?

On the UV finished ply boxes I use, I take a little denatured alcohol on a rag and the overspray comes off. That's with using water based finish. Have tried the bag trick, but it still leaves a film of finish. The denatured takes the overspray off.

I use a clean, flat sheet of regular printer paper without any print.

You can try automotive overspray clay. It's a fine abrasive clay used with soapy water, and won't dull the finish.

Does the overspray clay work on conversion varnishes as well? Do you buy it at an automotive paint supply store? I've never heard of this clay before, but it sounds like it would be worth trying out.

It will work on any hard finished surface. It is like 2500 grit. You can get it at an automotive paint store.